Chevy strips carbon fiber aero package from 2020 Corvette orders

03 February, 2020 Shane Michael
Chevy strips carbon fiber aero package from 2020 Corvette orders

Chevrolet put three ground effects kits on the options sheet for the 2020 Corvette. Two of them are late availability, meaning they still can't be ordered: RPO Code 5V8 in a black hue called Carbon Flash for $3,850, and RPO 5VJ, in body color, for $695. Customers ordering their new Corvettes last year could order RPO Code 5VM, which added a genuine carbon fiber kit consisting of a front splitter and extended side sills. Seems so many buyers ordered the $4,850 package — second only to the $5,000 Z51 Performance Package in cost — that the supplier can't keep up with demand. Corvette Blogger discovered that Chevrolet is stripping the aero kit from almost all orders, and has been informing customers that requested the option that their cars will not get the package.

Corvette Forum posted the bulletin Chevy sent to dealers that placed orders including the carbon package. The letter stated in part, "Due to an inadequate supply of parts, it was necessary to remove the Visible Carbon Fiber Ground Effects (5VM) option from your order(s). At this point in time, we anticipate this accessory will remain restricted from LPO ordering for the remainder of the 2020MY. Further Dealer and customer communications will be forthcoming once this supply issue has been resolved."

2020 Chevrolet Corvettes

A poster at Corvette Forum wrote that the supplier had delivered some quantity of the kits, so some Corvettes would still fit the option from inventory already sent to the plant. For the rest, in response to a query from Motor1, a Chevy spokesperson responded, "This is a dealer-installed accessory, so customers can order and add this feature to their Corvettes when it becomes available." Owners who want to wait for their local Chevy parts counter to stock the OEM bits can have them installed by the dealer, and get the three-year, 36,000-mile warranty. Or, as Corvette Blogger wrote, "The shortage and high demand for the aero kits will also cause the aftermarket to spring into action as they create their own versions," and likely at greatly reduced cost.